Gold-Silver Price Today: Gold and silver prices rise again today, see today’s prices

Gold-Silver Price Today: Even today the shine of gold has increased a little more. Its price has crossed Rs 71,500. This price is directly affecting the pocket of the common man.

Silver is also not lagging behind, its price has also increased by Rs 400 to around Rs 83 thousand. It is likely to cross the figure of 83 thousand in the coming days.

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Gold-Silver Price Today – Gold price increased by Rs 243

Gold-Silver Price Today
Gold-Silver Price Today

Today again a sharp increase in the price of gold has been recorded. Gold has reached the price of Rs 71,583 per 10 grams with a rise of Rs 243 per 10 grams. Yesterday gold was at Rs 71,340, that is, this much increase in a single day.

Silver also did not lag behind. Its prices have also reached record highs. At present, the price of silver in the market has reached Rs 82,877 per kg, which is an increase of Rs 427 today. Due to this continuous increase, both gold and silver have reached record highs.

Gold Price News , What is the price of gold in which city?

City24 Carat Gold Price (Rs/10 grams)

Always Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmark Buy gold. According to the new rules, gold will not be sold without six-digit alphanumeric hallmarking from April 1. Just like Aadhaar card has a 12 digit code, similarly gold has a 6 digit hallmark code. This is called the Hallmark Unique Identification Number or HUID.

This number can be alphanumeric i.e. something like this – AZ4524. Hallmarking lets us know how many carats the gold is.

Big jump in gold prices during wedding season

The wedding season is in full swing, but the continuously rising prices of gold and silver are spoiling people’s happiness. This question has arisen in people’s minds whether to buy gold or not.

Gold-Silver Price Today
Gold-Silver Price Today

Buying gold is no longer an easy decision for the common man. Everyone is left wondering after seeing the skyrocketing graph. May this trend affect the demand?

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