Gold Price Today: Gold is likely to cross Rs 75 thousand in the next few days

Gold Price Today: These days, gold is making new records in the market every day. There is no hope of reduction in its prices, on the contrary, a rise is being seen every day.

This is the reason why this question has arisen in people’s minds whether buying gold would be the right decision? Due to rising prices, buyers may have a heavy impact on their pockets.

Gold market today (Gold Price Today) has crossed the figure of Rs 72 thousand. So let us know how is the condition of gold today?

Gold Price Today , Gold price on MCX reached Rs 72,678 per 10 grams.

These days gold is touching the sky, its prices are continuously increasing. Today, for the first time, gold crossed the mark of Rs 72 thousand. mcx But the price of gold reached Rs 72,678 per 10 grams.

Gold Price Today
Gold Price Today

For the first time in history, gold prices have reached such a high. Now people have to pay more to buy gold. And the problem is that the prices of gold and silver are skyrocketing not only in India but also in the international market. An increase of 0.6 percent has been recorded in the prices of gold in the international market. So take the decision of investing in gold wisely.

Silver Price Today , The price of silver also increased

Gold was already increasing the restlessness, now silver has also put its stake in it. Its prices are also continuously increasing. Today silver has also done wonders on MCX. Due to this, silver has crossed the figure of Rs 84 thousand.

Today the price of silver has become Rs 84,102 per kg. Due to this surge, the shops of silver buyers are also in trouble. These continuously increasing prices of both gold and silver are putting a burden on the pockets of the common man.

Gold is likely to cross Rs 75 thousand in the next few days

Gold is touching the sky and is becoming beyond the reach of the common man. Only last week, gold was around Rs 70 thousand, and within a few days it crossed the mark of Rs 72 thousand.

Some experts even say that in the coming time, gold can go above Rs 75 thousand. The global economic situation is being said to be the reason behind this rise. At the same time, gold has always been synonymous with a safe investment.

Due to rising prices many people are investing in gold. Due to which, the demand for gold has also increased. Or in other words, due to increasing demand, the game of increasing rates is also being seen.

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