What is Sora AI : This AI tool will convert any text into video, know complete details!

What is Sora AI: Today, the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools is increasing all over the world, due to which people have also started enjoying using AI tools. Like ChatGPT created by OpenAI is being used all over the world today.

ChatGPT is such an AI that can answer any of your questions in just a few seconds, apart from this, many other AI tools are available in the world today with the help of which you can just Any image by writing text Can make. Now in the world of making AI tools, OpenAI company has created such an AI with the help of which you can convert any text into video.

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Yes, you read it right, now with the help of AI you can also create realistic videos. OpenAI Name of your new AI Sora is kept, But many people still do not know much about this Sora AI. Therefore in today’s post we will tell you What is Sora AI? Are going to give complete information about. Stay tuned till the end of the post so that you What is Sora AI? Can get information about.

What is Sora AI?
What is Sora AI?

What is Sora AI?

Sora AI is a brilliant AI tool that Great one minute video to Text Prompt Can change into. The company that made it ChatGPT OpenAI Has launched it, and has shared its launch information with everyone on Twitter. To use this tool, you just have to give it a text prompt, then it will convert that text into video.

Also the owner of OpenAI Sam Altman While sharing the information about Sora AI with people on his Twitter, he told everyone that if you tell me which text you want to convert into video, then I will convert those texts from Sora into video and share them with you.

we’d like to show you what sora can do, please reply with captions for videos you’d like to see and we’ll start making some!

—Sam Altman (@sama) February 15, 2024

After this, many people commented their text on Sam Altman’s tweet that they want to convert such text into video. After which Sam converted the text of some people into a video, and after watching which almost everyone was surprised.

Sora OpenAI made this kind of video

On Sam Altman’s tweet about Sora AI, a person wrote that you can make me this text in a video. “A half duck half dragon flies through a beautiful sunset with a hamster dressed in adventure gear on its back”

Responding to this text, Sam made a video with Sora AI which you can watch below. If we watch this video, then in true sense this AI of OpenAI has made a very good video.

here is a better one: https://t.co/WJQCMEH9QG pic.twitter.com/oymtmHVmZN

—Sam Altman (@sama) February 15, 2024

The same user wrote to Sam that he should make this text in the video. “A bicycle race on ocean with different animals as athletes riding the bicycles with drone camera view”

This new AI Sora of OpenAI converted the above text into a video like this which you can see below.

https://t.co/qbj02M4ng8 pic.twitter.com/EvngqF2ZIX

—Sam Altman (@sama) February 15, 2024

It will be for everyone soon!

For your information, let us tell you that OpenAI has just launched Sora for some limited people only, hence not everyone has access to it yet, but in the coming time. Sora to OpenAI All are about to be launched for the public.

Although the company has not yet made any Official date has not been released, But according to reports, Sora AI may soon be launched for everyone.

We hope that this article helped you What is Sora AI? You must have got information about, share it with your friends so that they too What is Sora AI? Can get information.

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